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About Hi-Tek

Hello! My name is Scott Echols and I am the owner of this company. I have been fishing for crappie for 25+ years. I have tried many types of rod holders throughout my fishing years. Each model I tried seemed to lack some of the characteristics that I felt would make a great product. As a mechanical engineer, I am always eager to design, build and test new systems. This and my desire to have the ultimate rod holders led me to design and build my own product. After several prototypes and design modifications I have finally designed a product that meets all of my needs and is simple to use.

The adjustable rod holder gives you full adjustment of the rod tip with the simple use of a wrench and also allows adjustment to the base. The unit is easily removable for prevention of theft or if the extra boat space is needed. Field tests by various crappie fishermen have yielded outstanding results. The most common feedback was that rod removal was easy and led to fewer misses than other models. Other feedback included satisfaction in the sturdiness, sleek design, ease of use, ability of holders to stay in position and amount of adjustment.